Smart Things I Didn’t Say…

We’ve entered a new era at CAA: LAMM. I’m feeling at peace with our strategic direction, finally. We’re big karma fans here, and a karmic principle is that you need to learn to let things go.

The ability to let others contribute, break stories and news, and generally fill in the edges of our existence is something I’ve learned.

Fluffy aside, that means I get to keep promises. A recent promise was inspired by Bill Coen, who walked me through a concept I now call The Janning Plateau.

The promise was to bring you some additional nuggets of wisdom dropped by CAA coaches. That aids in fulfilling another promise: getting you to understand and enjoy CAA basketball a little better by being a little smarter.

Today, Bruiser Flint and Blaine Taylor have an identical lesson for us.

Says Bruiser: “Last year he learned ‘this is what they need me to do’ and he did it.”

Says Blaine: “When (he) started understanding the job of a point guard, that blend, we started winning.”

Flint was speaking of Jamie Harris and Taylor of Darius James. The coaches know that a point guard has a responsibility no other player on the floor faces. It is responsibility to the coach, and it at times conflicts with what the other four players on the floor–and at times the point guard himself–want.

It is a fine line crossed when maturity allows the point guard the ability to sublimate everything else in order to win. The cliche is “doing the little things.” It holds an entirely different meaning with point guards.

Consider that within the bounds of this season, and these names: Eric Maynor, Cam Long, Devon Moore, Chad Tomko, Troy Franklin. (And Harris and James, too.)

It’s worth mentioning that both Drexel and Old Dominion finished with significantly better seasons last year than smart guys like me could’ve ever dreamed. Methinks the coaches are onto something.

This is also why I fear for Delaware. Brian Johnson understood all those things.


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