Barnes and LLN, and CrackMeUps…

Jim Larranaga cracked me up this morning, thanks to Kish for the find. To believe the coach, Michigan’s Fab Five was both one player and a lot of talent short of this group.

So did Beach, writing about the Hofstra schedule. Invoking Howard Dean can only lead to a good read.

FYI–more on the schedules next week. We’ll revive last year’s “Four in Seven Equals A Seven/Seven” and take a look at who the schedule-maker believes is naughty and nice.

Note to commentor Tribeobserver: methinks you are on to something. I’m not sure what else Shaver could’ve done last year–your three ballhandlers were two freshman and the guy that’s supposed to score. Shaver is going to put the ball into Kendrix Brown’s hands, and I think that will turn out very well. Brown is a solid player.


Continuing our series of Things Coaches Taught Me, we head south to Atlanta, where Rod Barnes taught me the basketball version of the Law of Large Numbers and how it factors into the success of his basketball team.

Georgia State was not a bad shooting team (41.6% was dead in the middle of the pack). They didn’t turn it over at an astounding clip (third fewest turnovers per game). They weren’t terrible rebounders.

So how the fat did Georgia State end up dead last in the conference–by more than one point at 60.3ppg–in scoring?

“We didn’t get enough attempts.”

Simple probability theorems explain it: the more the Panthers chuck the ball towards the hoop, the more they will approach the statistical mean in the important offensive categories. Statistical middle plus a wagon-full of attempts equals more points.

Or, play faster.


Have a great weekend.


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