Three Schedules, and Hey Gary…

I arrive today armed with your first preseason Wow Nugget. But first, Blaine Taylor was interviewed on a Norfolk radio show and was asked about the status of Gerald Lee’s bum elbow.

As you will remember, it was injured when Lee was playing for Finland a few weeks back. Nobody really knew the story because Lee was, well, in Finland.

But Taylor got us updated: a partially torn ligament in his elbow. Lee has it immobilized and surgery is deemed unnecessary at this point. Note: it is his non-shooting elbow. Right now it is all about rest.

Lee is my heavily-hedged choice for preseason player of the year, so this warrants monitoring.



This could be the toughest four-in-seven assignment, if only for the frequent flier miles.

The Huskies fly back from a Christmas trip in Hawaii with a between-holidays side trip to San Francisco. They get home on New Year’s Eve, and prepare for their Saturday, January 2 game home to JMU. I assume it’s pack and head to Logan for a Monday game in Richmond at VCU. Back to the airport for a Wednesday homer with Mason. Back to the airport to fly to Atlanta and Georgia State. And then back home.

That’s four flights in a week, most likely more than some teams will fly all season. And that’s not the fried-egg-eye statistical nugget.

NU finishes the season at William & Mary, at UNCW, Hofstra at home, and at Mason. Since they joined the CAA, NU is 0-9 all time in games played at UNCW, at Mason, and at W&M. The stat moves to 0-11 if you include the CAA tourney. Considering last season’s fade, think there are some demons to exorcise?


Benny Moss could use one stinking break, and it’s unfortunately not happening here. The Seahawks get their December tune up hosting Mason. Remember, they almost got the Patriots in Trask last year after losing in DeeCee by approximately 328 points.

But 4/7 hits them with three roadies. The Dub is at VCU, at W&M, then home to Georgia State, then at Mason. Coming out of four-in-seven is the key to the season for The Dub: home ODU, at Northeastern, at Georgia State,  home JMU, at Hofstra.

What, the ‘27 Yankees weren’t available?

Moss did a fine job last year keeping the wheels on, but a terrible beginning will be doubly tough to pull clear from.

George Mason

The schedule-maker was very kind to Jim Larranaga. Two home games right out of the gate are toughies, but played on their court. Plus, both opponents–ODU and Hofstra–are notoriously better in February than January. The Patriots have an opportunity to make an early statement.

Mason then heads to Northeastern before coming back home for UNCW. Three homers and an early January trip to play a team that will need freshmen contributions? All I’m saying is that I’d like that. Just me, though.

Key stretch: February comes in like a lion. Mason gets JMU at home (technically Jan 30 but work with me here), then a big trapper at Georgia State, then at Drexel, home to VCU, then at ODU. The Tribe sits at the end of that stretch, just before Bracketbusters. Don’t blink.


Lotsa chatter about Gary Parrish’s newest effort. I agree with the mid masses in that it is a fine column. We’re huge Parrish Fans around these parts, and it’s because he is good at his job.

However I believe he’s missed (or to be fair: not yet published) part two of the story–how this is playing out on the floor, in games, where every true word he wrote is actually measured.

Our friend Kyle whellistweeted that we should not play the role of victim and I completely agree. I prefer the “you can have the fat teevee contract, what we have is better anyway” tack.

And by the Mid Majority Count, mid majors won 13.4% of its games against the big boys last season. This is an increase from previous years.

I take that stat, and the budget disparities, and Parrish’s column, and I smile.

Here’s hoping Gary has the time to write part 2. Whether we’d love it or hate it, the column would be good. And necessary.


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