The Neverending Story…

I got into an email exchange yesterday afternoon, and it was one of those exchanges that I could not turn away from. It was the kind of email exchange that keeps your focus on the minutiae of the email, not real work. You end up working until 7:00pm because of the time lost, devoted to the email exchange.

The difference? This was a really good conversation with a really smart person.

The subject? Gary Parrish’s article and what he missed. Economics and mid major basketball. Scheduling strategy.

As I hinted, there is a second part to that article. A more important part. The gap in wins and losses should be getting larger, mirroring the revenues and facilities and four star recruits. It isn’t, and I don’t know why.

It’s like the skinny guy that eats only pizza and Mike N’ Ikes and never seems to exercise. We’re missing something and cannot put our fingers on it.

There are more talented writers out there that should jump on this. If not, I’ll get there by October. But it warrants deeper conversation and thought.


We’re still short five teams for the four-in-seven: Drexel, William & Mary, Georgia State, Delaware, and Old Dominion. I need those guys to release their schedules so that I can comment. Yes, that is a poke to hurry it along.

No matter, though, because I’m still trying to figure out how to export an Excel file into a format that shows up well on a web page. I can get it done but it is ugly and unreadable. Quality counts. Any ideas?


It’s going to be a fun season, I can tell already. Outside of the real live economics discussion, I got two other emails: one from a guy wanting to know why I invoked the ‘27 Yankees with the UNCW schedule, and one in utter disbelief that NU has never won at W&M, UNCW, or Mason.

We’ve not yet hit Labor Day and already had a good, bad, and ugly.


Defiantly Dutch has a Q&A with Tom Pecora. I present without comment, except to say that Pecora needs a new head shot.


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