You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat…

So much to get to this fine morning. There really is nothing like September and October.

Keep reading for a note about Memphis and some random stats that won’t be random in a few weeks.

The executive decision has also been made that Monday we will release the final four schedules: Delaware, Georgia State, ODU, and William & Mary. I can wait no longer. It was going to happen today, but I am nothing if not fair. And I keep my promises.

Besides, hopefully we can figure out how to export Excel into a graphic so you can have a master, composite CAA schedule by then. See how it all comes together?

Side note: How geeky can we be around here? A recent email string with another smart person ended thusly: “I slept poorly last night, unable to get visions of Pat Kennedy doing the robot to Grandmaster Flash out of my head.”

True story. Chew on that a bit.


Memphis and Nor’easter and the NCAA

So when the whole Memphis thing broke a couple weeks back, the first thought that went through my mid major head was: well shoot, Memphis beat Northeastern and the Huskies had 19 wins last year. Sure it’s through the back door but having a 20-win season would be nice for Bill Coen. Good guy, building something up there, etc. I like when good people get rewarded.

I discovered yesterday another bit o’ mass hilarity from the NCAA. Assuming Memphis loses their appeals, they will be “vacating” their 38 victories. Note, not forfeit. Vacate.

This little bit of linguistic chicanery is very important.

The NCAA is cruelly telling Memphis they can’t claim those victories everyone knows they had, and it will appear that way in an NCAA media guide nobody reads (but feel free to talk about it to recruits). However, because it is vacation and not forfeiture Memphis doesn’t get to
count the wins, but their opponents’ records (win or lose) are not affected.

Turn that last sentence over in your brain for about five minutes, and I dare you to come up with a different question than mine: How much damn sense does that make?


And we’re not even going to touch the unfair enormity that having someone else take the SATs for a one-and-done star point guard warrants a brutal penalty like not having 38 wins written that way in the record books. Somewhere Dick Cheney is smiling.


This whole Challenging Gary Parrish thing is really gaining momentum inside my head. Here’s the latest numbers that one day will lead to something important, whether I do it or Gary does it. (And I use his first name as if we know each other. In fact, he’s probably more familiar with macroeconomic forces in Denmark than our little blog. He’s just good at his job.)

Stat #1: The SEC’s new TV deal guarantees its members an annual payout of $16 million. That’s SIXTEEN MILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR. From teevee alone.

Stat #2: The SEC cut 15-year deals with CBS and ESPN worth a combined $3 billion. BILLION.

Stat #3: Half of the schools in the CAA have entire athletic departments with total revenue of $16 million or more. Only two schools–Delaware and James Madison–have revenues greater than $19.5 million.

Television money alone–not donors, sponsorships, or anything else–in the SEC outpaces half the CAA on an annual basis.

Think the economic gap is widening at an ever-increasing rate?

Here’s the slippery part: mid majors are performing better against the major conferences on the court. Three seasons ago teams in conferences below the red line won 11.3% of games. Two seasons ago it was 10.5%. Last year it was 13.4%.

We’ll keep going, but here’s how the CAA has fared in the past three years:

2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 TOTAL
ACC 1-10 2-12 0-5 3-27
Big East 4-9 0-8 2-5 6-22
CUSA 5-0 2-4 2-8 9-12
Big Ten 0-1 1-2 1-5 2-8
SEC 1-1 1-2 0-1 2-4
Big 12 1-2 1-0 0-2 2-4
Mtn West 0-0 0-0 2-0 2-0
PAC 10 0-0 0-0 0-1 0-1
TOTAL 12-23 7-28 7-27 26-78 (.250)

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