Big Schedule Tuesday…Maybe More…

First, a note about the CAAs top recruit, Rashanti Harris. Plenty of chatter, (and a Blue Ribbon deadline), so I asked the question. The official Georgia State response: “Rashanti Harris is not enrolled this semester. We expect him to enroll in January.”


Note the new page (or tab) at the top…we’ve added a composite schedule for all the teams–conference and nonconference games. Get out your calendar and start planning. (Related note: we’ve been told five Northeastern fans have already booked at the Hilton Garden for the CAA Tournament. Get busy.)

A few very important notes:

  • This is based on the most current information provided. Television, travel logistics, and exempt tournament formats are only three of the forces that will alter game dates and determine specific opponents.
  • The goal is to update as new information is known. When you know, let me know, then we all know. (Okay, I’ll check with official school and/or conference sources, but you get the point. Games will move and we will endeavor to update those ASAP.)
  • Please review Your Team for any mistakes. We’re human and occasionally flip home/road teams or look at “December 8″ and type December 9.” Sometimes we look at “December 8″ and type “three point defense,” but that’s another story. Help me make this perfect.


The final three four-in-sevens:

Georgia State

Rod Barnes gave one of those warm smiles when he saw how things open: three homers and one trip to the beach. Towson, then Drexel, heads to Atlanta. A jaunt to Wrightsville and back home for Northeastern, tired from its own traveling ping pong match.

Key point: it’s either every game prior to January 27, or every game after it. You choose. From Jan 27 to the end of the year: @ODU, @VCU, home Mason, home W&M, @NU, @Towson, home JMU, home ODU, @Hofstra. The key: get them early or get them late, but get them neither and it could end up ugly.

Old Dominion

This is another of the very fair schedules, collectively, we’ve seen: at Mason, then at Towson, the home to JMU and home to Hofstra.

February 3 could be the biggest day of the season for ODU. That’s a home game for them against William & Mary. Why that one? The Monarchs are at Northeastern three days prior to that game, and after that game have roadies at VCU and at James Madison before coming home to Mason. Expectations will be all over the place but there is one constant: they’d better win that Tribe game. (Psst–hey Blaine, give Al Groh a call, would you? Might be helpful.)

William & Mary

Tony Shaver is the last to be saddled with three on the road in our four-in-seven: at Hofstra, then home UNCW, then back out for roadies at Delaware and at Drexel. I’ve got to think they’ll stay in the general Philadelphia metropolitan area for the last two, though.

The key stretch is a four-in-six roadathon midyear: at VCU, home ODU, at JMU, Drexel, at ODU, at Georgia State. That is a taxing stretch.


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