Previewing the Previews…

We’ve gone the route of Eastwood and Shakespeare, Coltrane and Emerson, Drebin and Noonan in our attempts to put a theme behind preseason outlooks and game predictions. It’s been silly fun, and part of the midafternoon run in the coming days is to figure out our theme for this year.

That means two things:

  1. Offer your suggestions.
  2. Preseason primers on each CAA team are on the way.

Keep in mind our view on preseason predicting: it’s worth nearly nothing in terms of important measures like “standings” and “wins and losses,” so you are not allowed to get offended when Your Team is seventh. The important takeaway is the information the primers contain and the influences on each team’s season. How each team responds and how they come together is the key to where they finish.

Remember, an overall goal of this entire blog: make each other smarter.

Here’s what I mean: last season Drexel was a near unanimous choice for the basement. The Dragons started the conference season 1-3 after losing to VCU 75-46, at home, in a game that wasn’t even that close.

Drexel also lost its final three games by one point and five conference games by one point or in overtimeand still finished 10-8.


“Our guard play was much better,” said Bruiser Flint. “We didn’t turn it over and shot our free throws much better. We played good defense and that kept us in games.”

What makes it all very fun is this: Drexel finished dead last in the conference in field goal percentage (37%), last in three point percentage (29%), and, predictably with the sheer number of bricks, last in assists (11.1).

So take the predicted order of finish with a shaker-full of salt and enjoy the information. The goal of the previews is to shape the things you need to pay close attention to during the early part of the year. We will surely revisit the previews around Christmas. A few adult egg nogs should make that evaluation especially fun.

By my count, practice officially starts in 33 days.


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