Things Outside of the Skull…

We interrupt these previews (two to go, Ga State and Towson) to bring you a handful of what will likely become a staple:

Links of Interest

Tom Pecora takes questions from the masses today at 1:00. (Two-Corny minimum.)

Mull catches up with UNCW newdude Trevor DeLoach.

Mull also chats with a former Pirate who looks at 40 (minutes).

Georgia State’s James Vincent has a stress fracture in his foot.

The CAA, the official guys, has released its season preview.

Rush the Court tabs Larry Sanders as an impact player.

Sanders and Gerald Lee get much love from

Our construction minute: A new floor at the DAC, and new lotsa stuff at Matthews. New name for VCU.

Our good friends at Storming the Floor have a new look, too.

Damon and the HLN crew make me sick to my stomach, in the “I have so much respect and jealousy for that thing I need a Tums” way.


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